Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Earn Some Extra Money Right from Home

Here's another paycheck from CashCrate. This place is a good start to earn some extra money right from home- so simple and it's free. Proof of Payment March 09If you're looking for a CashCrate tutorial, you can watch this video here just for Newbies:
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Monday, March 16, 2009

Work at Home- Another CashCrate Check from February

Forgot to post this check I received last month from CashCrate, I will also be getting my next payment pretty soon as well.

This is a really easy and good work at home site to make a part-time living from.
CashCrate Payment Februrary 09You can join CashCrate here:

Monday, March 2, 2009

CashCrate Gift Card for Petco Redeemed

CashCrate Gift Card Petco$25 Petco Gift Card- Received from CashCrate last month from completing 500 points worth of free survey offers.

So, besides earning cash from CashCrate, you can also complete free survey offers to earn points for gift cards or electronics from their Prize Shop. There are always hundreds of free survey offers available- so how ever much time you want to put into earning those points is what you'll get out from there.

Other Prizes include:
CashCrate Prize 1CashCrate Prize 2
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

CashCrate Tutorial Video for New Members

Just in case anyone was confused by what CashCrate is all about, this post is for my Newbies ^_^
Here is a CashCrate Video Tutorial directly from the site itself:

You can join CashCrate here:

Monday, February 9, 2009

Banned from Survey/ GPT Site due to "Fraud"

Some of you may have noticed that I have taken down several of my old posts, specifically the ones regarding one of the Survey/ GPT sites I was working at. Well, there is bad news...last week I received a surprising & unsuspecting email from the Admin of this Survey Site, the message said that due to several reversals of survey offers, my account had been marked for cheating due to fraud. O.o & when I went in to log on into my account, I got a "Your account is currently marked as a Cheater" message & was no longer able to log in.

Now, part of terms of service of Survey/ GPT sites is that you can not duplicate offers or use fraudulent information while filling out the surveys. Well, I have never seen the need or use for false information, so there was no worry there. & no duplicating offers means that you can't complete the same offer & submit it on two different sites for credit. Well as for duplicating offers, I have done it before, but that was a while a go. The reversals from these advertisers were coming from offers done in early December- that is when I first started joining multiple gpt survey sites, I was a newb. I wasn't aware of the rule back then, I thought it was perfectly fine to do & submit offers as we please. Well, early on & as I started becoming more concentrated on this particular gpt site, all the members got a strict message from the Admin that we are not allowed to duplicate offers or use false information. This is when I learned of the severity of the situation. But I didn't think I had anything to worry about, I was now doing practically all offers from this particular one site. I was continuing on my way & doing great on contests along with survey earnings from this one site. I was paid my first payment for December. For January I had over $300 in balance. Now the site pays on a Net 35, meaning they pay 35 days from the last day of cashout from the last month. So, I wouldn't get my January payment until the beginning of March. & then for February I already had a balance of over $200. So, I was really excited and motivated about these balances, it was the most I had made on the internet so far- well or so it had me thinking. Unfortunately, now I know I would probably never receive these payments- since I've been banned from the site and all.

Now, I spent a good amount of time completing surveys & for a simple mistake made long a go- unexpectedly I would lose all my earnings, it just didn't settle well with me. The rules are if you are found of "committing" fraud, you will dropped from the site & not be paid the rest of your balance. Now if this was $20 or something like that I wouldn't really care, not a lot of time was wasted. However, the issue here is that the reversals I was getting back were from when I first joined their site from early December. This was a long while a go, it's like they had me do all the hard work for several months- only to drop me out in the end. Now, the Admin did try to contact the advertisers(as they are the ones who are having me dropped from the site), but she told me that they can't allow me back on the site. What I can't comprehend is how this Advertiser couldn't have been more understanding & forgiving. It was an honest mistake that I had only made in the very beginning when I was all pretty new to survey sites. I understand I will be reversed for the offers, but to say I was trying to fraud them is simply untrue & then have me kicked off the site...

I did hundreds & hundreds of surveys after that & they were all valid & the site owners will be proffiting from. All the contests were won fair & square- now I end up with a considerable amount of lost earnings & I feel like all my work was done in vain. I can't help but to feel that I was lead on- if they were going to ban me for this simple mistake which anyone could have made- why not do it sooner, not when I have a combined unpaid balance of over $500 with several months of work put into it. & since I "must" be dropped from the site, I think the right thing to do was to at least have an agreement to pay me my remaining balance in the future.

I was very upset the day I got the news, I had been so motivated at this site & to be dropped like that on a dime- it hurt a bit. But you know what, after that day I decided I can't dwell over something like this, I don't need to be wasting time about the past.

I've decided to move on to better things- there are no regrets here on my part. The one good thing is that I haven't been dropped from my favorite survey site, CashCrate- which I will be concentrating more on now, since it does have the highest earning potential of the sites. & as always, I am looking into new ways to earn money- I will reporting my findings back here soon. But of course, I like to research & test out ideas first before giving my insight or reviews on any new programs. ^_^

This music video isn't new, but I just found it the other day & now Lady Gaga's my new music obsession, enjoy ;)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Does MyInsiderDeals and Aisle#7 actually Give Away Free Samples and Cash? Scam or Not?

MyInsiderDeals Visa Gift CardWhen your completing your survey offers from GetPaidTo (GPT) sites, and you come upon the offers from MyInsiderDeals or Aisle #7- did you know that they actually do send some of the offered product samples or cash prizes home for free? I didn't believe that I would get anything from these companys, but I read from a forum where members were confirming that they did actually receive items. I still didn't really believe it, but I guess there was no harm in trying- it was free. So, I sent in my request for $10 about a couple a months a go, not expecting anything and forgetting about it. But at the beginning of January this year, surprisingly, I actually receive a $10 Visa Gift Card from them in the mail.

Ok, MyInsiderDeals or Aisle #7 offer free giveaways- some are cash offers and others are product samples. What you need to do to receive these samples is very simple:

1. When your doing your survey offers from your GPT site, look for offers that are labeled or are from the MyInsiderDeals or Aisle #7 company.

2. Once you select one of these offers- enter your name, address, phone number(they won't call you) and an email address used for junk mail.

3. Then they will have you look at offer ads, with selections of yes and no or skip. You don't have to complete any of these offers. Just select no and a few yes to get through the survey. This should take less than a few minutes.

4. You know you are finished with the survey offer when you reach the Thank You...Check Your Email Page. And if you get an Unfortunately your not Qualified... statement, read step 7 below.MyInsiderDeals End Page
5. Go to your email address and in the SPAM folder, there will be a confirmation email from them. Open the email, hit the confirmation link and a Redemption Certificate form will appear. Now, all you have to do is Print this out and Mail it to the address they have given you. (I sent my second one in today for $10, here is the Certificate) ^_^
MyInsiderDeals Redemption Certificate
6. The terms state that the item should arrive at around 60 days.

7. With MyInsiderDeals and Aisle #7 offers, it seems that you will only qualify to get the Certificate page once every 24 hours. So if you do 2 of these offers today, you will only get a Certificate form for the first offer you submitted.

[Disclosure]: Now, when I received the $10 Visa Gift Card in the mail recently, I wasn't sure where it came from. The letter and envelope didn't state exactly where this Gift Card came from. I had actually forgotten that I had sent the offer in to MyInsiderDeals, so at the time I thought this card might be some sort of scam. What I had from them was a letter of the terms of service for the card usage. The Card was issued from the West Surburban Bank with an activation site at There was also a return address from: Program Headquarters P.O. Box 117 Lemont, IL 60439. Thinking it was a scam of some sorts, I looked up/ Googled the Return address along with the Company issuer name. There was no feedback or connection of them with a scam. But I found this forum thread: Others had received the same thing and I realized this must be that $10 I sent in for from MyInsiderDeals. I don't know why the company doesn't state why or where I received the card from, it just makes it suspicious, but now I know this is how the items will come, not a scam at all.

You can find many good MyInsiderDeals and Aisle #7 offer deals here:

Friday, January 23, 2009

CashCrate Check for January

CashCrate Check Jan08Well, I received my CashCrate Payment yesterday in the mail. This month, the amount is not that much & it's lower than I usually make, well sort of...

Ever since I joined CashCrate 7 or so months a go, I've been earning an average of about $50 per month. However, last month I was more focused on my new sites & getting this blog started- so I wasn't working on CashCrate as much as I used to. & I would have technically made about $50 for January, if I had just requested my $25 Petco Gift Card a day earlier for payout, but I will have to wait for that to come in February.

So, for the next few weeks & upcoming months I am planning to put a little more effort back to working at CashCrate. It's still one of my favorite sites & even though I didn't spend that much time there last month, I was still able to make it to cashout with $21 & a Gift Card worth $25. CashCrate still has the highest earning potential among the sites I work with & I will be working a bit harder next month to bring up my earnings.

Join CashCrate here: