Friday, January 23, 2009

CashCrate Check for January

CashCrate Check Jan08Well, I received my CashCrate Payment yesterday in the mail. This month, the amount is not that much & it's lower than I usually make, well sort of...

Ever since I joined CashCrate 7 or so months a go, I've been earning an average of about $50 per month. However, last month I was more focused on my new sites & getting this blog started- so I wasn't working on CashCrate as much as I used to. & I would have technically made about $50 for January, if I had just requested my $25 Petco Gift Card a day earlier for payout, but I will have to wait for that to come in February.

So, for the next few weeks & upcoming months I am planning to put a little more effort back to working at CashCrate. It's still one of my favorite sites & even though I didn't spend that much time there last month, I was still able to make it to cashout with $21 & a Gift Card worth $25. CashCrate still has the highest earning potential among the sites I work with & I will be working a bit harder next month to bring up my earnings.

Join CashCrate here:


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