Monday, January 26, 2009

Does MyInsiderDeals and Aisle#7 actually Give Away Free Samples and Cash? Scam or Not?

MyInsiderDeals Visa Gift CardWhen your completing your survey offers from GetPaidTo (GPT) sites, and you come upon the offers from MyInsiderDeals or Aisle #7- did you know that they actually do send some of the offered product samples or cash prizes home for free? I didn't believe that I would get anything from these companys, but I read from a forum where members were confirming that they did actually receive items. I still didn't really believe it, but I guess there was no harm in trying- it was free. So, I sent in my request for $10 about a couple a months a go, not expecting anything and forgetting about it. But at the beginning of January this year, surprisingly, I actually receive a $10 Visa Gift Card from them in the mail.

Ok, MyInsiderDeals or Aisle #7 offer free giveaways- some are cash offers and others are product samples. What you need to do to receive these samples is very simple:

1. When your doing your survey offers from your GPT site, look for offers that are labeled or are from the MyInsiderDeals or Aisle #7 company.

2. Once you select one of these offers- enter your name, address, phone number(they won't call you) and an email address used for junk mail.

3. Then they will have you look at offer ads, with selections of yes and no or skip. You don't have to complete any of these offers. Just select no and a few yes to get through the survey. This should take less than a few minutes.

4. You know you are finished with the survey offer when you reach the Thank You...Check Your Email Page. And if you get an Unfortunately your not Qualified... statement, read step 7 below.MyInsiderDeals End Page
5. Go to your email address and in the SPAM folder, there will be a confirmation email from them. Open the email, hit the confirmation link and a Redemption Certificate form will appear. Now, all you have to do is Print this out and Mail it to the address they have given you. (I sent my second one in today for $10, here is the Certificate) ^_^
MyInsiderDeals Redemption Certificate
6. The terms state that the item should arrive at around 60 days.

7. With MyInsiderDeals and Aisle #7 offers, it seems that you will only qualify to get the Certificate page once every 24 hours. So if you do 2 of these offers today, you will only get a Certificate form for the first offer you submitted.

[Disclosure]: Now, when I received the $10 Visa Gift Card in the mail recently, I wasn't sure where it came from. The letter and envelope didn't state exactly where this Gift Card came from. I had actually forgotten that I had sent the offer in to MyInsiderDeals, so at the time I thought this card might be some sort of scam. What I had from them was a letter of the terms of service for the card usage. The Card was issued from the West Surburban Bank with an activation site at There was also a return address from: Program Headquarters P.O. Box 117 Lemont, IL 60439. Thinking it was a scam of some sorts, I looked up/ Googled the Return address along with the Company issuer name. There was no feedback or connection of them with a scam. But I found this forum thread: Others had received the same thing and I realized this must be that $10 I sent in for from MyInsiderDeals. I don't know why the company doesn't state why or where I received the card from, it just makes it suspicious, but now I know this is how the items will come, not a scam at all.

You can find many good MyInsiderDeals and Aisle #7 offer deals here:

Friday, January 23, 2009

CashCrate Check for January

CashCrate Check Jan08Well, I received my CashCrate Payment yesterday in the mail. This month, the amount is not that much & it's lower than I usually make, well sort of...

Ever since I joined CashCrate 7 or so months a go, I've been earning an average of about $50 per month. However, last month I was more focused on my new sites & getting this blog started- so I wasn't working on CashCrate as much as I used to. & I would have technically made about $50 for January, if I had just requested my $25 Petco Gift Card a day earlier for payout, but I will have to wait for that to come in February.

So, for the next few weeks & upcoming months I am planning to put a little more effort back to working at CashCrate. It's still one of my favorite sites & even though I didn't spend that much time there last month, I was still able to make it to cashout with $21 & a Gift Card worth $25. CashCrate still has the highest earning potential among the sites I work with & I will be working a bit harder next month to bring up my earnings.

Join CashCrate here:

Payment from WorkFromHomeHQ- Data Entry

My first two payments from WorkFromHomeHQ-
Payment 1 WFHHQPayment 2 WFHHQAt WorkFromHomeHQ, you are paid to post simple Real Estate Ads on Craigslist. This is a simple free data entry site that anyone can join, the downside is that you are only allowed to post 20 ads in a day. With Craigslist, if you overpost, ads will start to not show up- this is called ghosting.

They are currently paying $0.15 per ad that is posted & does not go into ghosting. That doesn't sound like much, but I'm only doing about 20 minutes worth of work per day. That would be an average of an easy $20 per a week that I'm making there.

And just before you start posting, you need a phone verified Craigslist account. This just simply means that when you go into your Craigslist account, you'll enter your phone number. Then you will get an automated phone call giving you a code to enter into the form to get your account verified, easy & free

You can join WFHHQ here: WorkFromHomeHQ

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Amazon Gift Card Received from Qlubb Review & Good Phone Deals

Amazon Gift Card Qlubb Received an Amazon Gift Card this week. This one is for my review & Twitters for Qlubb. You can learn more about it here: My Qlubb Review.

I have $40 worth of Amazon Gift Cards now. Since my phone is broken, I'm in need of a new phone. I'm planning on spending the card on one of those good phone deals on Amazon. They offer a lot of good phones for cheap prices or even free when you purchase with a new service plan. Now I just need to pick out the right phone.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Today- Follow CashCrate on Twitter

You can now join CashCrate & follow them on Twitter to redeem bonus cash & points. This means extra cash, loving it! Today there were Promo Codes for a $1 bonus & 25 extra points. ^_^

Click my banner to join:

WooHoo!! Our New President- Barack Obama!!

If you missed Our New President's Inaugural Address, here it is. ^_^

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Create a Qlubb & Review- $10 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Qlubb logo I decided to try Qlubb out when I recieved this post from TwitterMoms today:
The site is giving out a $10 Amazon Gift Card, a Qlubb aluminum water bottle, their t-shirt, & a chance to win an iPod Nano for those who try Qlubb out -write a review- & twitter about it.

****I don't know how long their promotion is lasting, so I would go check out Qlubb right now.
Instructions say to email your blog post & Twitter links to Sophia Chiang, check here for the original posting.****

Qlubb is a cool social networking site where you can create/ join your own "club". Creating my own Qlubb was a very simple & quick process. Once I got into my Qlubb, what I noticed first was the fun looking interface, it's easy to use & navigate. After a few minutes of browsing & setting up, I had my club/ group up. They allow you to add photos, embed videos, upload files, add updated upcoming/ ongoing events, blurbs, & other easy customizations. After the quick setup, all you have to do is start inviting members. They don't require user registrations- so it's all so easy for everyone. I think Qlubb is actually a great & fun way to get your group together on "the same page", to share & get things done- whether it be for classrooms, sport teams, family, play groups, book clubs, or for any of your other groups of interest. Check my Qlubb here & feel free to join- ^_^

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More Impressive Sample CashCrate Checks

I found some more impressive checks from another CashCrate member. :)
October CashCrate Check SampleNovember CashCrate Check Sample
You can join CashCrate here:


Monday, January 5, 2009

"Sacrifices in Getting Rid of Debt"

Trying to save & get out of Debt means giving up some some "expenses".

I love eating/ taking out. Steakhouses, Chinese Food, Dunkin Donuts or whatever craving it was for that meal... But no more giving into that, well at least for a while... Fast Food is a big part that drove me into this big mess of debt. I'm not blaming the food...but fast food was very addictive for me... & that gets me thinking.. does it have drugs??? Eh anyway I know I should have had more self control, I always ordered big portions, charged it on the card & think no big deal- I'll pay it off later.

Now it's the opposite, I pay much more attention to what I'm buying. Instead of eating out, it's mostly grocery food that I'm having, which is still good food. Now I shop for cheaper prices even though it may be a store brand, love looking for coupons- makes me feel real good when I have these. & I also set a budget for myself- like I can't buy more than $8 every time I'm at the checkout. So, I'm eating smaller portions now, but that's fine- it's still very filling(I was overeating before anyways- that's my glutinous side- you see that's what got me into this mess) :( Oh Precious Food, I love you so, but at the same time I could also very well say that I hate you, hate you because It's so hard to control myself around you. GoSh...

Friday, January 2, 2009

Sample CashCrate Proof of Payment- $1,531.07

May CashCrate Check Sample It will take me a little more time to earn that much per month, but that check is definitely motivating.

My goal/ challenge this month is to earn at least $100 from CashCrate. I'll relay you my account balance as it goes up.

If you are wondering where to join, just click here:


Thursday, January 1, 2009

The New Years

Happy '09 You Guys! Last year wasn't always so good for me, school, work, & my Money problems. For '09, I'm going to try to make this year a year with no regrets & that includes making more money of course. ;) I wish everyone a Fine Fine Year!!!