Sunday, December 21, 2008

Getting Oneself Out of the Hole [of Debt]

What do you do when you get yourself into deep debt? You might start sulking...let it consume your thoughts day in day out...worry some more...CRY- ok not actually "crying" or else you'd be a BIG baby O.o Whatever you do, reality eventually hits your head. You have to face the truth & start digging yourself out of that hole, even though you feel your buried in-to-deep & there's just no way to set yourself free.

That's how I've been feeling for a while now. As 21 year old College girl- I feel winded & worn out sometimes. I've got College Loans, big Credit Card Debts, & bills that need to be payed off...& that's all carried atop school-job-career-social priorities.

Self Pity...Guilt...Loathing (Oneself)...Feelings of Hopelessness are constant harassments to the conscience. But eventually I start waking up & realize that a lot of others are in the same predicament. Isn't everybody in debt these days? The thought does help to ease my anxietys a bit...& so the only thing left to do is to start making money now.

Well it's time to start thinking up of real solutions, & stop the pity partying. Here's the start of my plans. Besides finding & holding down a job alongside college, I have started to look for numerous ways to earn money online. I haven't found anything that rivals that of a full time job, but I have found honest ways to make extra money & it's all adding up- which could itself eventually end up as a full-time earning income, I hope. So I will be updating my blog daily with my progress in internet earnings. & please do subscribe & maybe we can all learn together how to digg ourselves out... or just come to learn how to make extra money online.

See you next post.


  1. No one wants to get into debt but people still do. There may be many reasons for this situation that is not only bad financially but also socially. . many factors But it can be controlled through proper money management

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