Monday, January 5, 2009

"Sacrifices in Getting Rid of Debt"

Trying to save & get out of Debt means giving up some some "expenses".

I love eating/ taking out. Steakhouses, Chinese Food, Dunkin Donuts or whatever craving it was for that meal... But no more giving into that, well at least for a while... Fast Food is a big part that drove me into this big mess of debt. I'm not blaming the food...but fast food was very addictive for me... & that gets me thinking.. does it have drugs??? Eh anyway I know I should have had more self control, I always ordered big portions, charged it on the card & think no big deal- I'll pay it off later.

Now it's the opposite, I pay much more attention to what I'm buying. Instead of eating out, it's mostly grocery food that I'm having, which is still good food. Now I shop for cheaper prices even though it may be a store brand, love looking for coupons- makes me feel real good when I have these. & I also set a budget for myself- like I can't buy more than $8 every time I'm at the checkout. So, I'm eating smaller portions now, but that's fine- it's still very filling(I was overeating before anyways- that's my glutinous side- you see that's what got me into this mess) :( Oh Precious Food, I love you so, but at the same time I could also very well say that I hate you, hate you because It's so hard to control myself around you. GoSh...

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